A Life In Words 


Tricia Jones was born and raised in Houston, Texas. While her mother worked multiple jobs to provide for them Tricia played the role of the big sibling even though she was the middle child with two brothers. By the time she was in high school, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Her plan was to make good grades, go to college, start her career as a lawyer or doctor, get married, have a family, and live happily ever after. It didn't quite work out that way. Instead, she met a boy and fell madly in love. College was no longer important after graduation so Tricia decided to take a break. One year turned into two years and before she knew it she was pregnant with her first son. Soon after she gave birth she realized it was time to do something with her life. However, working full-time and taking care of a child she could not go to college the way she intended. So she settled on taking online classes at Houston Community College. 

Three kids later, Tricia enrolled in Sam Houston State University, still in pursuit of her Criminal Justice degree. No one knew that in the 16 years prior to that, while being a mother, working full time, and taking classes online that Tricia was also being abused in a multitude of ways by her children's father. It wasn't until two years after she left him that she finally received her degree, she and her kids had a home of their own that was peaceful and free from any dangers. Tricia could finally sleep at night. More so, her kids were happier than they'd ever been. Her life was no longer dark, she could see rays of sun everywhere she went and her smile was brand new. During a conversation with a friend, she was encouraged to tell her story so that other people could know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hesitant at first, Tricia was against it 100 percent, but the more she thought about all the times that she almost didn't make it, it became clear that her friend was right. She had to tell her story. The next evening after work she prepared the table where she would sit with her phone to go live on Facebook.


She talked about her experience with domestic violence and all the signs that she had ignored that was now very clear. She didn't tell all the details as she wanted to save parts for her book. She gave just enough to inspire people to tell their stories. She was surprised at the response she received for being able to get out of that horrific situation stronger and better. From that day going forward, Tricia promised to keep telling her story while encouraging others to do the same. She wants people to know that not all domestic violence situations end in fatalities. 


In October 2019, Tricia posted facts, information, and the number to the National Domestic Violence Hotline for anyone who needed help every day of the month in observance of Domestic Violence Awareness. The last weekend of the month Tricia, along with friends, family, and a few FB friends met at a park to " Walk Away from Domestic Violence". These days Tricia's life is so full, with her kids, work, business, getting her MBA, bringing more awareness, and now her book that some days she doesn't want to go to sleep. When people tell her she needs to rest.